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asked June 26th 2017

Alcohol cake filling


I have been asked to make a cake with an alcohol cake filling.

Can you give me any ideas or suggestions. Thank only cake I bake with alcohol in it is the fruit cake. How do you go about adding alcohol to a vanilla cake? Or is it in the buttercream that you add the alcohol?

Thank you in advance.



Hello Cristina

Any alcohol used in the actual baking will burn off and only a residual flavour, if any will remain. However you can add it to the filling to maintain the flavour and potency of the alcohol. Start by adding a couple of teaspoons of the tipple, taste it and increase for a deeper flavour. You'll find the buttercream will begin to thin out as the liquid is added so best to make a stiffer consistency BC which will gradually loosen. Alcohol can also be added to ganache after it has been made. For best results slightly warm the alcohol before adding so as not to shock the chocolate into seizure. Natural alcohol baking extracts can also be used.
For soft ganache filling add a good nob of softened butter to the ganache while it is still warm and gradually mix to make a delicious filling. Small recipe here: https://www.cakeflix.com/carry-on-ganaching-new-charts-and-recipes



Thank you so much for your reply. I will try what you suggested and see how it goes.

Thanks a lot



Paul often pours Baileys Irsih Cream liqueur over his chocolate cake


I cannot spell tonight Irish Cream Liquour


.... also alcohol infused simple syrup brushed on each layer of cake before filling with alcohol flavoured filling
( over kill??). My cakes are always very boozy, usually carry a 'don't eat and drive' warning!

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