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asked July 28th 2018

and yet another tire cake question :)

If I understand correctly, Paul added that very thick slab of black fondant ( 1 and a half cm) to the top of the cake only because his cake was short of the 3 inches that he wanted it to be. If my cake is a full 3 inches high to begin with, can I leave that step out and just cut out the 5inch circle from the middle having it the 1 and a half cm deep? I really don't care for having so much thick fondant on a cake 🙂
Thanks yet again for being there with the answers 🙂


Don't know how I missed that. I watched the tut 2 full times plus bits. My mind wanders, I guess 🙂 Thank you for all of your help. I feel as if you are right here with me 🙂 Would you like a cup of tea? coffee? 🙂


Hi franke

The black slab is to make the housing for the alloys. In lesson 2 of the tutorial Paul says he didn't want to hollow the cake out as it would compromise the structure. He also says that if you prefer not to use a lump of fondant, the ring can be made from an extra layer of cake hollowed out in exactly the same way and iced over to create the dip. Hear him here:

Tyre ‘n’ Mechanic

Hope this makes it more clear. Good luck with cake 🙂


.... hahahahahaha!!!!! how did you know I'm partial to a cuppa? thank you, that would be very nice indeed, builder's tea please, milk no sugar 🙂 🙂 🙂


And yet another tire question 🙂

At some point in lesson 4 Paul seems to have added a horizontal mark (to help him allign the tread?) It is visable when he is in the middle of the middle side treads. Apparently he did that off camera. What did he use to mark that line? A ball tool? Something else?

Thanks once again.


Hi franke

Paul will most probably have used the dresden tool as it is shaped like a blade. He is using it lesson 4. However, he could just as well have used the edge of a smoother, the back of his small knife or the bulb tool. I guess anything that will give a steady line without cutting in to the sugarpaste.

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