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asked July 29th 2020

attaching chocolates flowers to buttercream

I will be making a chocolate drip cake. I have made some white modelling chocolate, it is softer in consistency as regular 'bought' modelling chocolate, however, it holds it own shape. I want to use some of my homemade modelling chocolate and make some flowers to put on to the sides of the cake specifically on the buttercream. What can I use to stick the flowers to the buttercream for example melted chocolate, edible glue to royal icing? Thank you.


Hi Angi

Fine to use melted chocolate. If you’re using couverture, try and temper it first or let it cool right down to a slightly thick consistency. If the chocolate is too runny it will take time to dry. Chilling the cake first will also help speed up the process.
Please don’t chill the cake if it is fondant covered.


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