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asked July 30th 2012

Attaching heavy gumpaste flower to wedding cake

How do I attach a heavy gumpaste flower to the side of a wedding cake?  I have made 2 large single peonys to go on a 2 tier cake.  One of them is to go on top of the cake, to the side and the other on the edge of the first tier.  They have wires but I’m not happy about putting wires into a cake.  Is there another method?  Would royal icing be strong enough to use? Would really appreciate any advice.


Hi, I cover the wire with florist tape, then use some Oasis minifix, which is available to buy online – I get mine from Lindy’s Cakes – break a small piece off and roll it into a sausage shape.   Insert the “sausage” into the pick first  then insert the flower into the oasis.  The oasis will make sure it stays put in the pick.  I would also use royal icing to make sure it is secured.  Hope this helps.


Thank you both for your help.  I will def go with the posy pick and Oasis. It’s put my mind at rest as this is my first wedding cake.


You can get posy picks in various sizes. Design-a-Cake and most other cake decorating sites supply these. I wrap my stemps in florist tape which does the trick and you don’t have to worry about using anything else



Hi dryan

You can use Royal Icing as it sets hard, but if your flowers are really big you would need addition support. I would be inclined to put the wires into a posy pick and insert that into the cake add some royal icing around the pick to rest the flower on and let it harden. I made large poppies and inserted the wire into straws and used Royal Icing for extra insurance. Posy picks come in all different sizes and are available from cake decorating shops or online. The Royal Icing must be the same colour as your fondant, but I think you know that already! Hope this helps, good luck with it. x   Just had another thought, I’m assuming you’ve made extra flowers, if you have, you could do a trial run on a small cake. It would give you some peace of mind if the posy pick method works.

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