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asked September 19th 2012

Attaching small spray

Making 3 tier stacked wedding cake. Am putting drapes on going from left tonight then right to left on middle tier then left to right on bottom tier. I have made a small spray of rose and rosebud with gyp to put at each point where the drapes meet and one for the bottom. The top 2 I will put in flower pics and insert in tier below. My brain just can’t get how to attach the one on the bottom tier as its on the board so can’t use flower pic. There is also a wide ribbon going around.
Any thoughts
Thanks for any help x


You could still use a flower pick entering through the side of the cake. You would have to have the ribbon join at this point. If the display is further away from the cake and the pick would show cut the wires short and push into a small piece of sugarpaste that you have attached to board.

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