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asked September 7th 2014

attaching sugar roses

hi guys

making a 4 teir wedding cake with roses cascading down the side. Am I best toput wires through each rose then posy pick them into the cake?


That would make a lot of posy pick holes all over your cake! You could make cascading unwired roses and adhere them with royal icing. Or you could make rose sprays and attach them at intervals in posy picks.
Depends which way you'd like the best.


Thanks MIWL, I had thought of using royal icing but was a bit worried they would pull the icing off the cake as its individual large roses the bride has asked for, Could I use cocktail sticks and royal icing? Just as an added security?




Yes you can use the cocktail sticks. You'll need to let the venue or who ever is slicing the cake up know that there are inedible items in the cake. The sticks will leave tiny holes which won't matter once the cake is sliced up.
You could also use white ganache or colour it same as the roses. From personal experience I've never had royal icing fail when using as glue. If you feel sticks will give you added security, go for it!

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