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asked November 8th 2012

Baileys on choc cake

Hello all just wondered when and how much baileys you add to pauls choc cake
Also when and how much glycerine would you add for shelf life and moisture
Thankyou x


Paul seems to just sprinkle a bit over both layers, but just pour a bit into the bottle cap, say half way, and try that, you don’t want to soak your sponge too much and make it soggy. I think Paul’s recipe is already quite a moist cake, so you might get away with just the Baileys, the only reason I say this is because it’s a very similar recipe to the Jane Hornby one I use, and I don’t need to add anything to it, and it’s usually still moist 5 days later.


Hi Debibon

I think Paul uses Baileys mainly for flavour and not really for moistening, the cake is already very moist. If you add glycerine to it the texture would become over soft and liable to break. The recipe has a high quantity of sugar which improves the shelf life, there is no need to add glycerine as the cake is good for at least ten days wrapped up. I use quite a lot of Baileys because I just love it’s flavour with chocolate, but that’s for a cake which will not be iced, just ganached.

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