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asked July 7th 2020

Baking issue

I have tried this recipe for chocolate cake . yogurt 1/2C, buttermilk 1c,eggs 3 Large ,1tbsp of instant coffee mixed in 1 1/2cup water, sunflower oil 3/4 c, vanilla essence 1tbsp, all purpose flour 3c, granulated sugar 2 1/2 c, cocoa powder 1/2 c, baking soda 1tbsp, baking powder 1 1/2 tbsp, salt 1/4 tsp. All hand whisked. The cake was extremely moist But it had crumbling and extremely moist edges and bottom, that I could see the moisture and it was cooked from the middle . used 6″ and 61/2″ deep pans. While getting cake out from pan I could see the moistured batter sticking with the pan sides and had crumbly edges not stiff and clear. While frosting the cake with ganache, crumb coating the cakes was a nightmare. Please help please 🙏. Same happened with vanilla cake either but that wasn’t as bad as chocolate and mocha chocolate recipes as they had watery batters too.Please guide me where I am doing it wrong. I baked the cake at 150°C and yesterday at 130°c for more than an hour.electric oven upper lower both grills on


Hello g_suniha

Is this recipe one from the Cakeflix baking library? If it is, I would appreciate the link to it so I can see the ingredients in metric. However, looking at it as it is, I think perhaps your issue might be that the cake hasn’t cooked enough. It’s a very liquid recipe and needs baking for a little longer. How long exactly did you bake it for? You’ve mentioned over an hour, a precise time would give me a better indication of how much longer it might need.
Please also check that the baking powder and soda are correct quantities as they appear to be too much. Were you able to taste the cake? If you did, how was it?

With very moist recipes, it is always better to allow the cake to cool entirely in the cake pan before unmoulding. In this instance, it may be better to chill ( or even freezing) the cake before unmoulding. To prevent crumbling, wrap the chilled cake in clingfilm/saran wrap and freeze it before ganaching.

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