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asked August 27th 2022


I am baking a 3 tier semi naked sponge wedding cake (for my daughter) for 150- guests. I am thinking that a 10,8 & 6 inch sizes is more manageable as a beginner than a 12, 10. & 8 inch. I could provide extra cake behind the scenes for serving. Do you think this is a safer option for me? Or should I perservere and do the larger size? Will the smaller size look big enough? I was thinking of 3 layers in each tier.
Appreciate your thoughts
Thanks, Julia


Hi julia.dunning001

Personally, I would do 6, 8, 10 for the actual show cake and make a bigger one as a cutting cake for behind the scenes. That one won’t need decorating so takes a lot of pressure off of you.

The show cake won’t look too small because the venue should be able to lend you a tall sturdy cake stand which will showcase the cake.

Use the Cakeflix portions calculator to help you get portions right. Sponge cake is cut 1” x 2”. Calculator is easy to use. Select either round or square shape, then the portion size.

Cake Calculators

It might be a good idea to make a larger practice cutting cake so you can get your timings and temperature right.

Let me know if you need more information or help. 🙂


All brillaint advice thank you. Interestingly when I contacted the venu to ask how they slice their cakes they told me that in most instances half of the cake isnt eaten! They put the cake on platters by the coffee for people to help temselves. So re considering doing extra cake for cutting. My other question is how do I acheive a matt finish on the buttercream icing? I assume its icing sugar but not sure how to apply it evenly. Do you have anything on this? I have seen it bfore and love the effect.


Hi Julia

For a matt buttercream finish, increase the icing sugar to butter ratio and don’t overbeat it. This will give a less shiny, softer buttercream which will dry flat.

( If you have buttercream left over from your filling, just add more icing sugar to it so it is drier).

Following link might also be of related help:

Oily looking buttercream

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