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asked June 9th 2021

Baking time and temp for moist white chococake

Hi i would like to know baking time and temp for a 9 inch square cake of depth 3 inch for
1-mrs jones/Nancy carrot cake
2-mrs Jones red velvet cake
3-moist white choco cake(alone)



Unfortunately I cannot recommend baking times or temperatures for these cakes. All ovens bake differently and therefore anything I recommend may not be compatible with your appliance. What I do recommend is, scale up the recipes to the size you require and bake at the given temperatures until each cake is done. I always babysit any cake through to completion if baking for the first time and note down the results for the future.

The corners of square cakes are vulnerable to burning., so it is advisable to double line the cake tins with parchment paper to reduce this risk.

Good luck with your bake and your timing feed back would be much appreciated. 🙂

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