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asked January 30th 2013

Baking time for unusual sized cake

Hello There, I have converted the ingredients for an 8″ x 3″ round cake to a 12″ x 5″ x 3″ rectangular cake. Can anyone tell me how I work out the baking time for this. The 8″ cake is baked at 140 degrees fan oven for approx. 50 minutes. I am doing this size for a champagne bottle and do not want a lot of wasted cake as I normally make the shaped cakes too large. Thank you in anticipation. Evelyn


Hi Copper1oneill

The cake batter which you’ll be using is almost equivalent to an 8″ square. 8 x 8 = 64, 12 x 5= 60 there’s not a lot of difference in the surface area. Your baking time would be the same as for an 8″ square tin for which ever recipe you use, give or take a few minutes. You can also use a recipe for a 9″ round which is exactly the same as 8″ square. Hope this helps.


Thanks so much for your help, I am so bad at calculating things. Just about to start baking now. Really appreciate it. Thanks. Evelyn

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