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asked March 12th 2013

Beach cake moulds

Hi, I have trawled the internet for the mould used by Mish on the beach hut cake. I already have the FPC moulds, but these are much smaller. I would like any help or link if anyone knows where it can be found, thanks. Judy.


Hi Judygreen,

I’ve just uploaded the tools and ingredients for the Beach Hut cake so everything used in these tutorials should be there. I’ve also added the links for the Molds below.

Thanks for all your help Meg A Bakes!

Birdhouse Cutter – http://www.cakesbybien.nl/bien-cutters/birdhouse-1507
Sea Shell mould – http://www.petalcrafts.com/sea-shell-silicone-mold.html

Many thanks,

IT Hero


You could e-mail Andy ([email protected]) and he can find out for you from Paul where they got it from. The lists were not up when I looked last night, so it may be included in the equipment list!


Thanks Matt, you’re a star! 🙂


I got a mould on eBay the same as wilton but a third cheaper post free from China perfect Google seaworld mould ebay

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