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asked November 5th 2012

bear cake

I can only find 2 videos on the bear cake,is this all there is ,the icing of the board and cutting shapes.please help someone.


You might have the same problem as me, it won’t let me scroll down through the course lessons until I hit play on one of the ones I can see. As soon as it starts to play then I can scroll down further. Weird!


Hi Dannymarell

If you’re still having problems you can email Paul Doffman, [email protected] He’ll be happy to hear from you.


I’m playing the video’s on my mobile so when I press play on 1 it takes up full screen so I can’t scroll down.I can watch all the video’s on all the other tutorials on my mobile but this 1 won’t give me the option.


Hi all,

Apologies for any problems you’re having, I can’t seem to replicate the problem on my mobile but I know that if you press ‘next’ while watching the video it should show the next video in the playlist back on the page when you exit the video. If that makes sense?

We know these playlists can cause problems and we’re actually in the middle of the huge task of updating all of our previous courses to the new layout, which will not have these problems. We should have that done by next week.

Feel free to email me if you still can’t view the rest of tutorials before the new layout is set up – [email protected] – and I’ll see what we can do.



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