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asked July 25th 2012

Bonnie Gordon cake seperator

Bonnie Gordon made a wedding cake that had a very ornate and stunning cake seperator. This was done in silver and looked like it was on the front edge of the bottom tier, and just above the base of the bottom tier. I would like to know how she could have achieved this.


Hey Lyndaplatts,

Do you have a link to an image of this?




This is the best photo that I can find on line. It has been in Weddding Cakes, a Design Source Magazine. You will see that it s its on the bottom tier, and then come up to just above the base of the top tier. It’s apparently made out of icing. Could be that it’s done on an acytate colar?




Hi Lynda, that link just takes you to the homepage but I think you are talking about the cake with the birds on top? It’s certainly very beautiful! There is a whole discussion on cake central on how the seperator is made with some people thinking its wire but apparently everything on her cakes is usually edible. The only other thing I could find out is its called the Diamond and Pearl cake and it was in the Toronto cake show in 2010. You could email the Bonnie Gordon College and ask if they can help you? Do let us know if you find out!



I must admit that the only way I can think of doing this is on an acetate collar. Has anyone any idea of how to scale this so that it fits properly round the base of the top tier/



Hi Lynda, I was on the piping skills course at the weekend so I took a picture of this cake along and asked Paul! He thinks that she has used something like an upturned Pyrex bowl to get the shape of the large separator. The smaller one is not as curved so she has used something with straighter sides for that one. I guess you need to know the diameter you need for the top edge and then find a former that get slightly wider as it goes down. Paul also said it will be incredibly fragile and difficult to do!! Let me know if you give it a shot, I would love to know how you get on!

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