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asked September 26th 2012

Bubbles in the fondant

when I knead my fondant till its pliable, I then roll it out, I seem to get alot of air bubbles in it, how can I prevent this from happening it? am I kneading it the wrong way?


Hi lisajeldion

You’re not kneading your fondant in the wrong way. The process of kneading incorporates air into the fondant which forms the air bubbles. Once you’ve kneaded your fondant leave it to rest for about fifteen minutes, this will relax it and reduce the amount of bubbles. They will not be completely eliminated, but when you’ve covered your cake, gently feel around and pop any air bubbles with a pin or scriber tool and smooth out using a fondant smoother. It is important to pop any bubbles, if left, the fondant will dry with bubble bulges which can not be smoothed out. It also helps not to over knead fondant, just enough to get it smooth so it can be rolled out.


Thankyou will try that, Im obviously too keen lol. I do get alot of bubbles in the rolled out fondant, which I do prick with the scriber tool, but then left with alot of tiny holes in the fondant, so I’m after the flawless look and getting quite frustrated with it all at the moment, but will leave it for 15 minutes and then roll out. Thankyou.

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