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asked October 14th 2012

bus – size?

Hi, I have been asked to make a “disco bus”. It looks like an ordinary bus coach but I was wondering what size of cake I should make this from, has anyone made a bus cake before and if so could they advise me on cake dimensions. 🙂



Hi Winnie

It depends really on how many people it will server. If you want a big bus, I think a 10″ square cake carved to the shape would work. For a mini bus you could use two loaf tins. There are lots of images on cake buses in google, which would at least head you in the right direction. The VW tutorial will give you hints about measuring for height and spacing the wheels. For the windows, I would be inclined to cut out square shapes to stick on rather than try and paint them on, but finish the raw edges off with thinly rolled fondant, or draw around the squares with a food pen. I don’t know whether you intend to put people on your bus, if you are, it might be easier just to make small cut out people and stick them into the windows. Just a few idea to play with, I’m no expert, but that’s how I’d attempt it. G’d luck with it.


Thanks for advice MIWL I will try the 10″ square I think.


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