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asked October 10th 2020

Buttercream decorations on ganache

I have to do a wedding cake coated in white chocolate ganache and decorated with meringues, drip, buttercream flowers and gold leaf. Should I decorate before the ganache sets hard so everything sticks or should I leave ganache to set hard before decorating? How would I stick decorations to hardened ganache?


Hi amandadavy

It might be best to let the ganache set first to avoid lots of dings during decorating. To stick the decorations on, use either piping consistency ganache or buttercream as glue. Candy melts work very too. 🙂


Oooh thank you. I did think royal icing blobs might do it too but will try ganache first.


Royal icing is good too 🙂
I have a freeze spray which I use in my chocolate decorations but it helps quick stick decorations on cakes too. 🙂

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