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asked January 13th 2013

Cake boards

I have been looking to make the guitar cake but I cannot get a piece of wood made. Could I put two cake boards together. If so I can I do this ?


Hi kbrown..look on ebay you can get the silver boards in an oblong shape that would fit the guitar.


I am sure Paul uses a piece of wood that has been cut to size. B&Q Cut wood, I think it is just a piece of MDF.
If you don’t have a B&Q I think a DIY store would be able to help you.
Good Luck.


Hi kbrown

You could put two boards together but they would separate when you picked the cake up. If you place both boards on something completely flat to support them the cake will be safe. If you decide to use MDF or any piece of wood bought from a DIY store it would not be food grade and you’d need to cover it with parchment paper and possibly cake board grade foil first to prevent any chemical contaminants from leaching into your cake. The suggestion from Jgibb is a good one and certainly worth investigating first.

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