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asked September 21st 2012

Cake couriers??

Has anyone ever used a cake courier and does anyone know of couriers who deliver cakes nationally within the United Kingdom mainland? Thanks for answers in advance.


Hi madeitwithlove

Why are we still up :-). Have a look at


scroll down to J.E.Cake Couriers

There isn’t a rating yet but a phone call might let you know what prices you are going to have to pay.



Yes we’re still up and will still be up at least until 3 am. I have a terrible time sleeping, so here I am like a devil on a dung heap, prowling! Thanks for the link, haven’t looked at it yet, had to look at the answer first!
I want to send a naughty cake to London for my step daughter’s boyfriend’s birthday (that was a mouthful!), and just can’t seem to be able to locate anyone to deliver. I don’t really mind what it costs, his birthday is next month
so I’d like to organise some thing sooner rather than later. Right, I off now to look at the link. x


Might be cheaper to get on the train 🙂 (or pay someone else to). Here is a link to cheaper tickets


Post again if you have any luck.


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