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asked March 27th 2018

cake covering marzipan or chocolate ganache

hello everyone,

I have a question regarding cake competition. I've got to do a 3 tier wedding cake (real cake) , i just wanted to know if it would be better to cover the cake with marzipan instead of chocolate ganache so it doesn't crack due to the weight and a long journey travel.

what do you suggest

any help would be greatly appreciated


Hi Ranjeeta12

I think most people use ganache nowadays. In the tutorials Paul uses ganache on all his cakes which keep for months on end without the decorations degrading. He takes them to the cake shows for his stand. I have never known ganache to crack under the weight of tiers. You could use marzipan as another option but it must be left to dry for several days to prevent any oils seeping through and discolouring the icing. Whether using ganache or marzipan, store the cakes in a cool environment where the temperature remains constant to allow drying evenly.

Another important thing is to use a very sturdy cake which won't shrink as it loses moisture and dries out. I've read it can cause problems with making the icing sag or make elephant skin.

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