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asked April 10th 2020

Cake dummies

Morning. I am going to cover some cake dummies for the first time and have been researching this but just wondering, what is the shelf life of the fondant covering the cake. Just wondering if it will go off and start smelling. X


Hi maisy

Fondant covering on dummies will last for a couple of years or more if stored correctly. Obviously, over time, the fondant will become discoloured, fade if using colours and sometimes crack. To get the best out of covered dummies, display them in a cool environment away from direct heat or severe light. Dusting them from time to time will help reduce discolouration and if you have a display cabinet, that too will help longevity. If keeping for a long time, you could also try spraying them with a clear edible spray (follow instructions carefully on the can) or, since dummies are just for display, even hairspray. The sprays help seal the fondant making it less vulnerable to humidity. Remember to keep a reasonable distance away from the item while spraying to prevent any streaking.
Fondant, as it dries and ages, doesn’t smell and it doesn’t go ‘off’ in the sense that it decays and moulds. However, as mentioned previously, will discolour over time.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your project and Happy Easter. Keep safe 🙂


Perfect. It is just for display purposes, also for practice for myself. Thanks for the reply. This is my project over this bank holiday weekend. X


Great project! Keep busy and stay safe X 🙂

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