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asked January 8th 2013

Cake Fayres

Hi everyone,

I am going to exhibit at my first cake fayre. I have been round a few fayres and I have noticed that the cakes I have seen have been made of royal icing would you say this a preference or is it for a reason? For instance would the cakes be made of dummies and therefore is royal icing harder wearing and would these cakes be taken from fayre to fayre. I am new to exhibiting my cakes and have no idea on this matter any help would be very much appreciated. I presume the many cakes I have seen are all dummies!


Hi ozzym, if I am doing a cake fayre I take some display cakes, which are decorated dummies, and then some sample cakes for people to try (usually two flavours, the last time was approaching Christmas so I took fruit and orange and cinnamon). All my display cakes are decorated in fondant and they just need to be kept dust free. Cakes coated in royal icing may be a trend that’s coming back in?!


Many thanks Doodle cake I will take your advice on the dummies. Kind regards

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