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asked October 19th 2017

Cake ( minor ) disaster

Hi I am making a cake for Saturday of which part is a dummy cake .The actual cake part of it is a 12 inch square sponge.I made it yesterday crumb coated and filled it tonight and covered it in a sugarpaste I have not used before and it was a disaster so had to strip the cake ! I am a bit concerned about the crumb coated cake staying fresh as I will not be able to get more sugarpaste until tomorrow and won't be able to cover it until I get home from work .If I store the crumb coated cake in a box until tomorrow night do you think it will stay fresh enough for Saturday night if I put the sugarpaste on tomorrow night ?


Hi Woodysmum

If the crumbcoat hasn't been affected it will be fine. What you can do is also cover it with some clingfilm to prevent the crumbcoat from drying out too much. Is it ganache?

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