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asked July 8th 2012

Cake not baking properly

Ive just followed Pauls recipe for a chocolate cake. It smells amazing but unfortunately the middle part has risen up higher and formed a large cruston top of the cake. I baked it at 150c as suggested but my oven is v old and I wondered if the temp in my oven was too high? Paul’s cake on the video came out perfectly flat! Any hints about how to get mine like this would be great 🙂


The reason behind it is that the sides get baked very quick than in the middle.

Tip: you can take a clean towel and press the risen area gently after 10 min. ( Do watch it will be hot)

Secondly: If you want a even baking, then try to using baking strips from wilton which will give you even layers. ( You can do your own baking strips : Take a Thick bath towel (may be old one). Cut into strips. Immerse one strip (depending on the size of your pan) in cold water.  Cover the outside area of the baking pan with it. (you can take the help of the paper clip to join the two ends.

Thirdly:  If you have more batter to be baked, then along with baking strip use flower nails inside the pans , Spray the oil, then add the batter. This will help also in baking evenly and fast.

Hope this helps




For flatter cakes I use the Wilton bake even strips and also put a bowl of water at the bottom of my oven. It’s suppose to regulate the heat throughout. the strips stop the outside baking too quickly which  cause the centre to rise and form the dome. Alternatively you can just cut the dome off to make it flat.


Thanks so much these tips are great – I’ll try them next time I bake 🙂


Try baking at a lower temperature for longer. All ovens are different whether old or new, the only way to know for sure that your oven temperature is correct is to get an oven thermometre.  I am assuming you have a conventional oven and not a fan assisted, if you do have fan the temperature should be reduced by another 20 degrees. Better luck next time with it, your cake sounds amazing and I’m sure non of it was wasted.


My cake has done the same and wasn’t enough mixed for both tins, so put all in 10 in.  My oven is a fan, and i’m sure the one Paul used in the vid wasn’t old, so am very disappointed never mind the money spent on it.  Will keep to my own tried and tested from now on!!


Ok, update on last post.  The cake tasted great but think i will use a 8 and 6 inch tins, also drop the temp by 20 degrees to 130, see if that makes a difference

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