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asked April 26th 2012

How are you able to carve the cake without many crumbs?

Hi Paul, I have just signed up to you course and have viewed one course. I absolutely love your style of teaching!  My question is related to the type of cake used in your demonstrations. The chocolate cake looks dense and moist and you are able to carve it without many crumbs. Are you able to share some basic rules about the types of cakes which should be used. I have tried some vanilla cake recipes and unfortunately, while the decorated cake looks good, the cake itself was quite dry. Many thanks Jill


Hi Jill,

Welcome to the Q&A and thanks for asking this question. Paul is away at the moment at the Cake Show in London this weekend but as soon as he is back I’ll make sure he see this.

Paul – IT team .



Hi, the secret is to use oil rather than butter based recipes. They stay moist for longer and are far better for carving leaving little or no crumbs. If your happy to use a pre-mix then Puratos is the best out there. Some of our cakes are made using these mixes when we buy our cakes from our local bakery. You can get it at most bakery wholesalers or www.puratos.co.uk


Thank you so much for your feedback Sandra and Paul.  best wishes jill x


I always add a sugar syrup, it’s equal parts of sugar and water, brought to the boil, let cool, and add flavouring, such a vanilla Lemon or tia maria etc, then when the cake has cooled a bit, pour this over each layer.

Just google sugar syrup for ideas

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