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asked July 15th 2017

Cake size for pug cake

Hello everyone,

Its that time of year,I always refer this website for the cake for my son's bday.
I want to make the pug cake and I just wanted to know if anybody has tried making a smaller pug cake i.e with 8 inch and 6 inches cake, or do I have to use 10 inch and 8 inch only.

It is a lot of cake and guest list is small so I don't want to waste it .




Hi Neha

Any of the cakes on the tutorials can be scaled down using less cake. Obviously the smaller the cakes the more carefully you will need to carve to preserve the correct dimensions. The pug can certainly be made using smaller cakes. Peek here for an answer to a similar question:

Pug cake and sizes

Hope it helps.

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