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asked June 28th 2012

Cake sizes

Just wondering what size cakes people use. Do you prefer 2″ or 3″ difference.

Im making my first wedding cake which will be 3 tier round stacked cake. There will be approx 100-120 people. I will be putting rose spray on top and making a rose rosebud and leaves to go on each tier.

I was thinking either 10 8 and 6 or 12 10 and 8 or 12 9 and 6. When I stacked the tins for 10 8 6 it looked quite small.


6,8,10 does look small when tins stacked but looks ok at event.  Are you making sponge or fruit cake?  Fruit cake goes further when cut as you can give smaller slices so this might make the descision for you.  Try stacking you tins and adding rosebud to the ‘shelf’.  Do you think it’s wide enough or do you prefer the look of a bigger ‘shelf’.


Am thinking fruit cake at the bottom thn middle tier sponge. Was going to make another sponge for top tier but I think they want to keep it for their first anniversary which would mean it wouldgave to be fruit. Is it ok to stack fruit cake on top of sponge as long as its dowelled


This site http://www.kimboscakes.co.uk/cake-size-portion-guide/ gives a good guide to portions.  You can then decide.  Middle tier is sponge so won’t produce many portions if a lot of people want sponge.  Stacking a fruit cake on top will be fine if dowelled.  I always try to persuade people to not keep cake as it often disappointing.  Tell them to come back and you’ll make a duplicate one!  I think it’s a romantic idea but not practical.  Maybe someone on Q & A have seen good results?

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