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asked September 19th 2021

Cake with ganache crumb covering and fondant icing

If I apply a ganache crumb covering to a madeira cake and 24 hours later apply the fondant icing will this be ok for a wedding in 7 days time.


Good Morning gillian.hedger

As along as the ganache has set firm to touch, it will be fine to cover the cake with fondant icing.

If you are at all all unsure , Paul’s free tutorials on how to use ganache and using sugarpaste , will both be an excellent guides. Here are the link:

Using Ganache

Basic Sugarpaste Skills

If the ganache is too dry for the sugarpaste to stick, fine mist the surface of the cake with a little cool boiled water or just moisten it using a wide soft brush with, either vodka or boiled cooled water. The ganache should just be tacky and not saturated.