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asked February 17th 2022

Cakes too pale around edges

Hoping someone can help, as this problem is baffling me, tried everything! When I bake vanilla sponge I never get nice brown and even coloured edges. I bake in 2" layers in PME tins, Then spray with PME cake release. Sponges are lovely, but they're no good to use for semi-naked cakes, as you need evenly browned edges.
Bake in fan oven, gas mark 3 for about 40 mins for 8" round layers.


Hi Tomandhen123

I butter the cake tin and line it with parchment paper. This helps to sort of 'fry' the edges to give a caramelised effect. You could also try baking the cakes for a couple of minutes longer than the recipe given time.

Another way to get darker edges is to butter the pan edge and coat with a very thin layer of sugar.

Hope suggestions help and your next bake gives you lovely golden caramelised edges 🙂

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