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asked August 13th 2012

camouflage fondent

hi how can i make my fondent a army camouflage without painting it as my customer does not want it painted thank you x


Hello Annabel, what about rolling the fondant to 5mm thick then add dots & mis-shapes that have been coloured & roll gently. i think it should work,

maybe try it on a small piece to start with.  fingers crossed.


Hi annabel

I second Bev0, that is exactly the way to make camouflage fondant. Have a look at the baby cradle tutorial in the free/beginners library , the same technique can be applied to camouflage.  Cheers.


I wOuld do the same maybe start with maybe a dark green and roll half way out then add patches of brown, light green, grey etc then roll out till it’s all level and smooth


awww thanks you 3  looking forward to doing it now xxxxx


Another way you can do it is by having a large piece of the main coloured sugarpaste, and some contrasting colours in various sized pieces. Place the contrasting coloured bits of sugarpaste onto the main colour and knead in slightly…. Around 2/3 hand movements so you don’t over mix. Then slice the kneaded lump in half and roll out with a rolling pin. It’s very easy to get to the desired tickness and completely smooth. This is also great for greating tie dye effect if you knead slightly more, or for water, rocks, grass etc.

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