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asked October 22nd 2013

can ganache be frozen and kept

Hi please can someone answer two questions for me. The first is can you freeze a cake with ganache and no icing on if so for how long will it keep like that and will the cake be alright for icing once defrosted. Second question is can you freeze ganache on its own, how long will it last in the freezer before you use it, any help will be gratefully recieved Brytonlady


Hi, I can only answer two of your questions:
I have frozen cakes with great success, but not sure how they last as I've only frozen them for up to 4 weeks before I've used them.
Yes ganache can be frozen. Once again not sure for how long but even after 4 weeks it is still fantastic in flavour and consistency.
Hope this helps.


Hello brytolady

It depends on which recipe you're using. Chocolate cakes in my experience freezes the best, most sturdy cakes can be frozen and held in the freezer for up to three months, this includes cakes covered in ganache. I've experimented with madeira cake and kept it frozen for a year, although it tasted fine the texture became heavy and pudding like. Ganache on it's own will keep in the freezer for at least three months although if stored correctly up to nine months.
Freeze cakes well wrapped in several layers of plastic or cling film and foil, place in a cardboard box before freezing. This will protect the cake from freezer burn and seal it from any weird and wonderful smells. Defrost 24 hours before required still in the wrapping to maintain moistness. Defrosted cakes still remain moist for several days if stored correctly, they can start staling or molding more quickly than cakes not previously frozen, again it depends on the product.
Freeze ganache in several heavy duty food bags and place in an airtight container to protect as above. Defrost at room temperature and micro wave on the low setting of microwave for 30 second bursts at first, reducing time until ganache is working consistency. I freeze my ganache in portion sizes, easier to defrost and no wastage.
For both follow the usual food safety rules for defrosted products.

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