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asked March 19th 2015

Can you colour white chocolate ganache?

I have tried googling this and have found many different answers. Has anyone got any opinions or experiences of it here?
What's the best way to colour white chocolate ganache. Can you use regular food colour gels?

Many thanks


HI Scoffacakes

Powdered or oil based colours are best for chocolate and for ganache as these do not change the consistency of the product.
You can either add the colour in with your cream or add in small quantites into the ganache until you get the desired shade. They can also be mixed with melted cocoa butter for colouring the ganache. I use Mycryo cocoa butter granules but you can also get little pellets which look like chocolate drops. Cocoa butter is extremely economical and should be used sparingly Ready prepared colours are also available like this:
There is also Americolour candy colours, google for online suppliers.
I use Sugarflair petal tints and mycryo cocoa butter granules for colouring chocolate and for ganache. When using petal dusts please be aware that some of them are not edible colours, the packaging must clearly say colour for food.
I've read in other forums that some people do use regular gel colours successfully in ganache. To see how it's done just google 'how to colour ganache' .

Hope this helps.

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