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asked October 10th 2020

Car model

Hello everyone,

I would be very grateful for some advice. I am making a 6 inch car to go on top of a 8 inch square cake. Should I make the model from sugarpaste or rice krispie treats?

If I use sugarpaste should I use tylo powder?

I am making an Audi car, I’m just not sure whether to put the Audi logo on the car. I would be grateful for any advice.

Thank you for your help in advance

Tracey xx


Hi Tracey

If the model is going to be eaten, make it from rice krispie treats, it’ll taste all so yummy! Give the model a first covering with marzipan or a a thin coat of sugarpaste . This will cover up the roughness of the krispies and give a smooth surface for the final enrobing.

If you make it with sugarpaste, add tylose to your paste to firm it up and to help the model dry. As for the logo, I’m not sure about copyright if the car is going to be shown on social networks. Perhaps don’t make the logo exactly identical. Paul has got some good car tutorials on the site, take a peek at what he’s done. Post back if you need more information or help 🤗😘


Thank you I will make it from krispie treats,

With the weight of the krispie treats will I need to support the car with wooden skewers?

Tracey xx


If the car is heavy, treat it as you would a cake tier. So, place the model on it’s own covered cake card and dowel the tier on which it will be displayed. This will support the weight of the model and prevent it sinking into the cake tier.

Hope thIs helps. If you need more information, just come back 🤗😘


Thank you so much for your help. You have been a great help xx


You’re welcome Tracey. Good luck with your project! 🤗😘

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