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asked October 31st 2012

Career change from desk to bake…HELP!

I hate my desk job and love baking and cake decorating as it makes me happy. I learn mostly online and want to take it to the next level and even considering opening my own cake baking and decorating business. How do I start? What step do I take?


Hi Jaymas,

7 years ago I had a steady job working for the Scottish Government, secure pension, great salary, lots of holidays and many perks. However, like you, I just wasn’t happy. I knew there was something else out there and more to life than working for a ‘boss’.

At the time Paul and I had opened the cake shop in Linlithgow so I resigned, burned the suit and proceeded on a route of self employment. Lots of risk, lots of down time, initially money was tight, weeks were long and holidays non existent – However, I was happier.

Now I have no regrets at all and just wish I had the nerve to make the change sooner. The saying ‘once you find a job you love you will never have to do a days work again’ is so true. I never take a full day off through choice as I love what I do.

Anyway – how to get started. We made plenty of mistakes along the way but found many good choices in marketing, systems etc. When we started the online courses there were a number of people asking me to make videos on setting up and running a profitable cake business. This resulted in the recently published Pro membership. Here there are 25 videos on how to set up and run a profitable cake business and all for only £249 (which includes access to all the cake decorating videos too). I promise that you will learn enough in the first 5 videos to repay the fee many times over.

Let me know if you have any questions at all about joining [email protected]

Kind regards


Hi Jaymas, if you search for ‘cake business’ you will also find previous discussions that may help you. Good luck!

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