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asked June 18th 2020

Castellated Sponge Cake Baking problem

Hi, I would like to seek help and advice. I noticed I hv 0.3cm rubbery texture at the bottom of my (steam bake) sponge cake. I m not sure which steps did I do wrongly!

I hv been baking fine last month w same recipe for more then 10 times. It started in these 2 weeks that I noticed my cake has a rubbery base despite I mix less or beat the white eggs either soft peak nor firm peak! I hv lost confident!

You can email me : [email protected]


Hi linasfoo

I have never baked Castella cake so not really sure what is possibly going wrong with your tried and tested cake.

The closest recipe I bake to castella is the Genoise cake which uses different flour. In my recipe, if the flour is not blended well enough into the egg mixture, a dense rubbery bottom will result. Are you adding the egg yolks into the meringue whole or as a liquid? Sometimes it is better to add the eggs yolks slowly, combine well, and continue until it is all used.

I also find with some steam baking, if baked even for slightly too long, the base of cakes can become a little hard. Is it possible that your oven has lost some calibration? If the temperature is incorrect, this too will make a difference to the end bake. As your recipe is unknown to me, I can not troubleshoot it, nor will it be the same in my own oven as it is in yours. All ovens are different and results can vary. I am sorry I can offer no other solution but hope, some of the above suggestions helps. 🙂

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