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asked February 7th 2020

Central dowel in naked cake tutorial

Please can you tell me which tutorial shows how to put a central dowel through a tiered cake and attach to base board? I want to do this, as im making a tiered naked cake and want to make it stable while transporting it.


Hi Tomandhen123

A good example of how to centre the board for the dowel can be seen here:

Dragon Reveal

There are several other tutorials where Paul uses a threaded rod to make a centre dowel. Scroll through the novelty cakes section and take a look at any of the gravity-defying cakes. Most of them use either a centre dowel or a threaded rod method. They all give you a good idea of how to make a reliable stand.

A lot of people use Sturdy cake stackers support system which you can see here:


The staff at Sturdy cake stackers are extremely helpful. If you think this is more convenient, give them a call and they will be more than happy to sort out your requirements.

Alternatively, if the decoration is minimal, you could stack the cakes at the venue in the normal way using, Paul's nine dowel method.

Hope suggestions help. Please come back if you need any more information. 🙂