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asked January 22nd 2013

choc. moist cake

Hi I use fan assisted oven and want to make an 8″ square. Do I have to reduce temp and time as post indicated some have reduced temp. but still cooking for 2 hours. Not certain in all cases what size cake. This will be my first go at this cake which will be a Crufts Good luck.


Hi justk

I reduced my temperature by 20 degrees the first time I baked this recipe, also in an 8″ square. Second time round I baked at 135c fan just to see whether it made any difference, which it did slightly. If you have an oven hand book it may be worth having a look in it to see what the manufacturer recommends. My cake took two hours and came out lovely on both occasions, just a little crusting which softened once the cake cooled down. Lots of members have commented on their experiences with this recipe and I’m sure you will get lots of information if you read through some of them. The recipe uses large eggs in case you’re unsure. Happy baking.

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