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asked September 27th 2012

choc recipe

Im just wondering if its possible to have the ingredients for 8″ choc cake so there is a start point. The video shows the ingredients for a 10″ and 6″ cake.

I just feel if there was a starting point it would be easier to convert the recipe for different size tins.
Its probably just me but am confused as to the ingredients as it is for 2 different size cakes. Ive got my formula to work out for different sizes but need the ingredients for a single cake to start with. x


Hi jb1958

For an 8″ square you will need: (this also makes a 9″ round)

220 gm butter
220 gm chocolate
6 tsp coffee
160 ml water
50 gm coco powder
125 gm plain flour
125 gm s/r flour
1/2 tsp baking soda
480 gm sugar
4 large eggs
35 ml veg oil
110 ml butter milk.

Hope you can work out for the size you need. In blog there is the ready reckoner which may also help.


Thanks miwl

That really helps. Im ok cobverting as long as I have a recipe to start with x


Hi jb 1958

The Ready Reckoner can be found at the blog post via the link below it uses a target cake size then you can work out from a recipe cake you know what percentage of ingredients you need to use..


Hope this helps.
Kind regards


Thanks David

I think what was confusing me was the choc cake recipe made a 10 and 6 inch round cake so I was unsure what size the cake recipe was for. x

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