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asked September 20th 2018

Chocolate cake baking

Paul’s chocolate cake - how long does it take to bake a 6 x3 inch cake at 150c?


Depending on your oven, tentatively I would say approx 1 hr 20 min. However you would need to keep an eye and nose on the baking. All ovens are different, the time it would take in my oven is not necessarily the same as in another.

Also please be aware that this cake usually rises to approximately 2.5" using the given recipe. For a taller cake, you could bake two or increase the ingredients for a 4" cake. If you do increase the ingredients, the baking time will increase too, so it's best to babysit the bake and jot down the done time for future reference.

To protect the cake from burning double line the bottom and sides of the tin and use baking belts if possible. Home made ones work just as well with wet towelling strips. Place an empty tray on the shelf above to prevent the top of the cake scorching.

Scale recipe on the site's calculator, it is already preloaded, all you need to do is put in the size and shape you want to scale to. Select the recipe calculator here:

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