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asked June 29th 2012

Chocolate Cake


I have been trying out different recipes for chocolate cake and would  love to make Paul’s, however I live in Crete and cannot get buttermilk, is there anything I can substitute.   One recipe I tried used yoghurt and was very moist and tasty but the top cracked so deeply I had to make two and sandwich them together.




You can make your own buttermilk Marjorie, just add 15mls of white vinegar or lemon juice to 225ml of whole milk and leave it to stand for at least 15 minutes  – voila!

Hope that helps 🙂

JC x


Hi, try tinned evaporated milk, i used it once when i realised i had stasrted making rich chocolate cake, and i thought i had a carton of buttermilk  but i didnt, it worked great, i use it all the time now, hope this is of help….. 🙂


I was going to say the same. I never buy buttermilk because I always only need a little from the carton and dump the rest. Haven’t tried lemon juice but I add 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of milk….Works great!


Thank you all, I knew someone would come up with an alternative, will let you know the result.


Made the chocolate cakes yesterday, 2 x 7″ cakes and finished the mix off with cup cakes.

I have frozen one cake and split the other, sandwiched with strawberries and cream and coated with chocolate ganache, decorated with strawberries.   Absolutely delicious and so moist – I used evaporated milk as suggested.  This will be my staple chocolate recipe from now on.

Did anyone see the deliberate mistake – the recipe was missing the cocoa powder.


HI – I always warm my milk up a little in the microwave ( only for about 10 – 15 seconds) before adding the lemon juice. I also add in a tsp of vanilla extract if I am baking a cake that it will complement as it does help it “turn” quicker


is the temperature 150 degree celcius or Fahrenheit for the chocolate cake?


The temperature is 150 degrees Celsius is a non fan oven. If you bake in a fan oven the temperature should be reduced by between 10 or 20 degrees or by the oven manufacturer’s recommendation which will be in the appliance handbook.


Hi, ,help!!!!! I can’t find moist chocolate cake recipe anywhere! I keep typing it in and just get questions and answers, but no actual recipe!! Also, I see that someone says the cocoa was left out, was the cocoa left out in error or should it be added and if so, how much! thank you!


Hi annescakes1

Don’t panic! it’s here http://www.cakeflix.com/online-cake-decorating-courses/chocolate-cake-preparation

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