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asked June 16th 2012

Chocolate fondant. plastique or whatever you call it!

I work a lot with my own modelling chocolate and have very rarely had any problems that is until today….the humidity is 68% and the chocolate is soft and squidgy and has caused the gelatine decorations to collapse too…..can either be saved?


Also meant to say. I knead modelling paste to my chocolate paste and find that keeps it’s shape far better. Amounts about half and half.


Ooooops!! Sorry to hear of your bad luck. I can’t help you at all with the gelatine, I don’t think you can save the shapes, you might be able to melt the gelatine and start again. With the modelling chocolate (or plastique as you call it), the shape will stay distorted, the only thing you can do is to gently remelt and add extra melted chocolate into it and start over. Don’t add any extra liquid glucose to it as it will make it too wet. If it becomes too crumbly, knead a very small amount of white fat or trex and roll it out. Keeping your models in a cool atmosphere will help too.


I can’t do any of the above madeitwithlove…:( the cake has already been decorated …having said that the humidity has changed again….and with the help of pins  to hold the butterflies wings it looks like they may reset! the chocolate has hardened slightly so fingers crossed I may just be able to rescue the cake which is being collected tomorrow…..it wont be perfect so the client will be given it for the cost of ingredients……


I have always made my own fondant and chocolate paste…and have never had this happen before….but the humidity here today was just soo high and unusual…..think I may need to invest in a dehumidifier for the kitchen….

Thanks for the suggestions


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