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asked September 6th 2012

Chocolate ganache filling

Hi, I want to know when you use chocolate ganache for filling does the filling stay soft and creamy or does it go abit hard and dry and also how long is the shelf line of the cake once it’s made and coverd with sugar paste and do I have to store it in the fridge or do I leave it out?

Thank you!!


Hi herabegum10

Chocolate ganache filling stays lovely soft and creamy so don’t worry about it going dry. In my house ganache doesn’t last long enough to worry about shelf life, but you should be fine for a couple of weeks if the cake is stored in a cool place. Cakes which have been iced and decorated shouldn’t really be stored in the fridge. The moisture inside the fridge will settle on the icing like dew and start softening it. The decorations also soften and colours can then bleed. It’s best to leave the cake out in a cool room. Hope this helps.

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