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asked May 2nd 2013

chocolate ganache melting under fondant icing.

hi, i covered my fruit cake in chocolate ganache and placed it in the freezer to set. it did however when i brought it out for icing, it made my fondant all wet and sweaty i you know what i mean. i placed it under a fan to dry out however my fondant became very hard and rough afterwards. can u advice on what i did wrong. should i have covered the cake with fondant as soon as i plastered it with chocolate ganache?
please note that am from a tropical region. thank you


Hi lasha

Normally fruit cake is not ganached, not unless you wanted chocolate fruit cake. Usually it is covered with a layer of marzipan and then iced, it is not placed in the freezer. I think what has happend is because the cake was frozen and ganached the moisture from defrosting has melted your icing. Fondant icing and moisture do not mix, once a cake has been iced it has to be kept cool but not in the fridge.The icing has become hard and rough because sugar goes crusty if it has become wet and then dried. If you want to take the fondant off and try and scrape off some of the ganache you could let the cake dry off a little and ice it again. If you still want to use ganache as a base let the ganached cake sit in the fridge until the chocolate sets and then ice and keep in a cardboard cake box in a cool room. This fondant http://www.fondantsource.com/matirofo7kg1.html has been developed for use in tropical countries, you may be able find another supplier in your country. If you need more help please post again.

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