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asked November 30th 2017

Chocolate shoe

I bought a mould from Tracey Mann for making a chocolate shoe, but I have followed the instructions and have broken 2 shoes in an attempt to remove them, I have used milk chocolate by callebaut and am wondering I what could be wrong, i coulldnt eat another shoe!!! The clips that came with it don’t seem to be holding the seams together tightly enough and chocolate is seeping through, should I line the seam with a line of chocolate and let it set first or use a line of modelling chocolate to seal the joins, any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,
‘nicky 223.


Hi nicky223

First of all can I ask whether you tempered the chocolate properly? If the temper isn't right, the piece being made will not be strong. Also did you pop the mould into the fridge for a while ? This helps shock the chocolate into contracting, making release easier. How are you removing the shoe? It should just pop out of the mould as it is inverted onto the work top. I really think the problem is in the temper.
If chocolate is seeping out, you may have a little too much in the mould. Drain some of it out before before joining the two parts. If the clip isn't holding, the mould may be faulty. In which case you ought to contact Tracey and let her know. Here is her contact: http://www.traceyscakes.co.uk/
In the meanwhile, the two parts can be held together with a couple of strong elastic bands. You could also try your method of sealing the joins. Let me know how you get on. Ask someone else to eat the next shoe other wise you'll be getting chocolate overload!! 🙂


Thank you, I will try the shoe again and as you say maybe the tempering isn’t right, I will let you know how I get on.
nicky 223.


Good luck nicky223. Keeping my fingers crossed for you this time! x 🙂

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