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asked June 12th 2012

Chocolate wrap tutorials

Hello, I can’t seem to view some of the lessons for the chocolate wrap.  The sounds comes through but the video is just a green screen.  Is anyone else having the same problem? Thanks!


Nancy I have just checked it out and it is working fine for me.


Hi Nancy,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble watching the chocolate wrap course. I’ve not heard of anyone else with this problem. Trying a different browser is always the first thing to try with these kind of problems. What browser are you using? I’d recommend chrome (personal preference)  https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/

Let me know if you continue to have problems with this I’ll do my best to help. Sorry about the late response by the way I’m in the middle of moving house and taking some time off.


Paul Doffman

Customer Support

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