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asked July 31st 2012

clarke baxter

hi there has anyone got a good recipe for gumpaste please?


hi there has anyone got a good recipe for gumpaste please?


Hi Clarke, this recipe is from Lindy Smith’ website:-

Flower paste (petal gum/paste) Recipe

Available commercially from sugarcraft suppliers, flowerpaste can be bought in white and a variety of colours. There are many varieties available so try a few to see which you prefer. Alternatively, it is possible to make your own, but note you will need a heavy-duty mixer.

Ingredients Makes 500g (1lb 2oz)

  • 500g (1lb 2oz) icing (confectioners’) sugar
  • 15ml (1 tbsp) gum tragacanth
  • 25ml (11⁄2 tbsp) cold water
  • 10ml (2 tsp) powered gelatine
  • 10ml (2 tsp) liquid glucose
  • 15ml (1 tbsp) white vegetable fat (shortening)
  • 1 medium egg white

1. Sieve the icing sugar and gum tragacanth into the greased mixing bowl of a heavy-duty mixer (the grease eases the strain on the machine).

2.  Place the water in a small bowl, sprinkle over the gelatine and soak until spongy. Stand the bowl over a pan of hot but not boiling water and stir until the gelatine is dissolved. Add the glucose and white fat to the gelatine and continue heating until all the ingredients are melted and mixed.

3. Add the glucose mixture and egg white to the icing sugar. Beat the mixture very slowly until mixed – at this stage it will be a beige colour – then increase the speed to maximum until the paste becomes white and stringy.

4. Grease your hands and remove the paste from the bowl. Pull and stretch the paste several times, and then knead together. Place in a plastic bag and store in an airtight container. Leave the paste to mature for at least 12 hours.

Just a note Clark, when you next post a question don’t put your name into the question box, put the actual question.

Hope this helps


Thanks a lot



Hi Clarkeb

You can also make gumpaste as follows:

1 tsp gum tragacanth or tylose powder

250 g sugarpast

Sprinkle the powder on your work surface and knead into the sugarpaste until incorporated.

Roll the paste into a sausage and cut off several pieces. Wrap tightly individually in clingfilm and store in a plastic bag in the fridge. If you use gum trag leave the paste to rest for 24 hours, paste made with tylose can be used straight away. Remember to keep your paste covered up when not in use to prevent it drying out. Use a little white fat on your hands and work surface to prevent sticking. If your paste feels a bit dry knead in a small amount of white fat, work it until it’s smooth and elastic.

Also if you put Patchwork cutters into the search box, I’ve posted a recipe for Mexican paste. Hope this helps.


Mix warm water and Glucose until Glucose is absorbed. Add the gum and lemon juice and, after these ingredients are thoroughly mixed, add small amounts of -powdered sugar until you can work the mixture with your hands. Continue adding small amounts of powdered sugar as you knead the mixture on a table top. As soon as the mixture is pliable and can be shaped without sticking to your fingers, you’ve added enough sugar (a pound or more) and the gum is of correct working consistency.
NOTE: Above is how she mixes it. But I would mix the Magic Gum with the about half of the Confectioners’ sugar and add this to the liquids. It is difficult and very time consuming to get the gum to dissolve directly into wet ingredients.
If you’re not going to use the gum paste mixture immediately, place it in a plastic bag and then i n a covered container to prevent drying. When stored properly, your gum paste will keep for several months. Gum paste handles best when it is several days old.

1 tablespoon Gum-tex, tragacanth gum or Magic Gum
1 heaping tablespoon glucose
3 tablespoons warm water
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 pound powdered sugar

Give this one a try I use it all the time is reliable and inexpensive 🙂



Is tylose same as CMC, would this be suitable for making flowers??



Yes it it is.


Hi all,
With Lincy Smith’s recipe, can I substitute the medium egg white with powdered egg white? If yes, how much? Thank you.


Hi CinTaMaNis

Yes, it can be. The information should be on the egg white powder packet. One sachet represents one egg white. Follow instructions for rehydration.


Hi I am a total beginner I just want to know if I make a buttercream cake can I use a
Fondant/gum paste cake topper??

Thanks so much ?


Is gum paste the same as modelling paste??


Hi tinkerbell

Gumpaste and modelling paste are the same thing.

On a buttercream covered cake, place the topper on a little fondant covered card. It will keep the topper grease free and clean. If the topper is heavy, dowel the cake first so it doesn’t collapse into the cake.

Look in the free section of Cakeflix for tutorials on dowelling. If you need more information please post back.

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