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asked December 31st 2013

Coffee in chocolate cake

May I ask why you put coffee in chocolate cake?

Thank you



Hello Carol

The coffee gives more depth of flavour to the chocolate without being invasive in any way. If you don't want to use coffee just omit it.


what if i wanna dominate the coffee flavor along with chocolate? someone requested me a chocolate coffee cake and im confused now


Hello Sundas

To enhance coffee flavour for this cake, it would be best to make a strong tasting coffee filling rather than trying to overwhelm the chocolate with coffee flavour. Callebaut make cappuchicno flavoured callets which you may find worth trying: http://www.chocolatetradingco.com/buy/callebaut-cappuccino-chocolate-chips
or here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Callebaut-cappuccino-chocolate-chips-callets/dp/B008K3QGRK

Hope this helps.


Are these chocolate chips and used in melted form in the cake?


These are callets which melt and not like chocolate chips which keep their shape in the baked good. Callets can be used in baking, as in the mosit chocolate cake tutorial or for making ganache.


Oh that means I cannot use melted chocolate chips for moist chocolate cake? I use nestle chocolate morsels (which are chips) and melt them on double broiler like he does in microwave!


Any chocolate which melts can be used in the moist chocolate cake recipe.


The first time I made Paul's cake it was too moist and my client liked it so much that she ordered another but the second time she said it was dry. The only different thing I did was with the first I baked it, after cooking down clingfilmed it and put it in the fridge and decorated it the next day but for the second it was kept on the cake rack the whole night with a lid on top(bottom was a rack and aur could pass through it) and it turned out dry. Is this the reason for it turning out dry?
How can we store the cake and keep it soft if we have to frost it the next day coz I make sponges only one day in advance and people want soft and moist cake

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