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asked May 19th 2021

Colour mill

Hi trying to get a baby pink ganache have baby pink colour mill but it seems to be a peachy colour should I keep adding more colour mill


Hi Alicain

Unfortunately, the cocoa butter in white chocolate is yellow which is why , the pink becomes peach. You may need to add more colour or try a deeper pink.

You could also whiten the ganache with food whitener gel or powder. The gel is available from colour mill or something like Sugarflair super white powder which is available in most cake decorating stores.

Sometimes adding the colour to the cream during boiling helps to develop the colour. Another suggestion is, add the colour to a small amount of ganache in a bowl and gently heat it in the microwave. This will release the cocoa butter in the chocolate and deepen the colour. Add it to the main batch and hopefully it will be less peachy. The colour develops the longer it’s allowed to settle.


Thankyou I’ve added a deeper pink and has worked a great Thankyou


You’re welcome Alicain. 🙂