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asked August 31st 2012

Conservatory Windows

Hi Folks, has anyone any suggestions as to what I can use for the windows in a conservatory

shaped cake? I was planning on icing the cake white but now wondering how to show the windows?


Hi Jgibb

I’d first give the conservatory a white or wood effect frame, add a couple of small plant pots to give it depth.

To depict the glass,paint sunlight effect with either white or silver in short thin brushstrokes in the corners

of the frames, and just a small amount of shimmer in the middle. Try the design out on a piece of paper

and make adjustments to shading in the glass, also take a look at a real conservatory so you have

a better idea where to add shimmer. Hope this helps.



Many thanks Madeitwithlove, I thought it would be using shading, will certainly have

a practice on paper or some spare fondant first.

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