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asked March 15th 2020

Corona Virus Covid 19

I keep getting emails from companies about how they are handling the Corona Virus pandemic in terms of additional hygiene. What are everyone’s thoughts on putting a notification on their web site or facebook page to assure your customers that your hygiene standards and on the very highest standard or would that just put it a the forefront of everyone’s mind when they think to order a cake? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Hi lyndaplatts

I’m not qualified to answer your question so, please could you contact David Brice by either using the following form:

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or by contacting him directly by email [email protected]

David will give you the best possible advice. Keep safe 🙂


Hi Lynda,

These are very difficult times as the effects of Covid 19 are felt around the world.

Although your food hygiene will be to the highest standard, the way this virus works, you could unknowingly be carrying the virus without symptoms. From what I’ve read it’s human to human contact and the virus can be alive for a period of time on surfaces (like cake boxes). It is not necessarily, where or how the cake is prepared that’s the transmission risk, but the delivery and handling of the materials.

Things are moving very quickly at the moment and as we’ve seen on the news, panic is beginning to set in. At this point (3pm on the 15th March) I believe with the increased number of cases in the UK, that it’s inevitable that large gatherings etc will no longer be allowed. I’m in Spain and it’s a complete shutdown here at the moment. We are only allowed to leave our home for food or medical emergency. Sadly, it looks like this will happen in the UK soon.

Everyone is offering there best guess advice in these unprecedented times. For me, I would contact your customers individually to reassure them that you are still planning to make their cake , however, if circumstances change that are beyond your control, then you would be happy to offer the cake at a later date of their choosing.

Contact is crucial at this time. I’m sure the wedding/party organisers will be completely stressed with all the uncertainty and big decisions to make. If you are proactive and show some flexibility and understanding, it will stand you in good stead for the future.

As small business owners it can be lonely sometimes, but this is definitely one of these times when we need support. Jump onto our Facebook Groups where many cake business owners are facing up to the same problems. Let’s support each other through this. Stay safe.

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